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New version of OSChanger® for Nucleus now available

In response to a demand for a more streamlined migration software product for Nucleus PLUS®, MapuSoft Technologies (MT) today announced the newest release of OSChanger for Nucleus, version 2.1. This release was tested on ARM®, PowerPC®, 68k, x86, MIPS®, Hitachi SH® and Excalibur NIOS® family of processors with support for a wide variety of tool sets. In addition, OSChanger 2.1 for Nucleus has been designed to run out-of-the-box with Accelerated Technology’s new code|lab® Embedded Developer Suite and Nucleus MNT® prototyping environments.

OSChanger integrates into the Nucleus product line seamlessly while remaining flexible, robust and maintaining a small memory footprint. Developers implemented OSChanger will experience minimal porting effort with NO code conversion. This leads to easy code maintenance and reduced testing efforts saving valuable time to market.

OSChanger 2.1 provides an updated base version of VxWorks® to Nucleus OSChanger, a file version of VxWorks to Nucleus OSChanger, a base version of pSOS® to Nucleus OSChanger and a BSD socket interface support to Nucleus NET®. A free and fully functional evaluation of OSChanger 2.1 can be downloaded at

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