Frequently Asked Questions about MapuSoft Services

Q: Where can I find the latest release notes?

A: A document detailing release notes for our latest releases can be found here:

Q: What operating systems do you support?

A: For a list of supported operating systems please refer to the latest release notes on this page:

Q: You don’t appear to support my operating system. Can you still help me?

A: Yes, MapuSoft often adds support for operating systems as requested by customers. To send a request for MapuSoft to add an operating system please click this link:

Q: What API’s do you support?

A: For a list of the latest APIs supported, please refer to the latest release notes on this page:

Q: You don’t support every API used by my application. Can you still help me?

A: Cross-OS Development Platform is designed to even out the OS landscape. If a feature is missing in the underlying target OS, then the platform will automatically provide that feature. The goal for Cross-OS Development Platform is to provide portability without compromising performance. For example, Cross-OS Development Platform process feature is still available on single memory based OS. However, if there is no mmu support, then we may not be able to provide hardware protection. While there may be few APIs not supported in the current release, which would result in printing run-time errors, we are constantly extending support for additional APIs and feature sets for each release. Please contact MapuSoft if you would like to request the addition of certain APIs:

Q: What impact do your products have on my code size and speed?

A: MapuSoft’s products are designed to have very little impact on your code size and speed. Our products have been tried and tested in many performance critical areas such as medical and mil/aero. The exact size of the footprint of our products varies by target operating system. In some target operating systems it can be as little as 2k. In some cases, using our products will enhance the speed of your application due to our advanced development features. For more technical information about this, please click this link to contact MapuSoft with your question:

Q: How can I get a reference manual?

A: Our product reference manuals provide more technical information than can be found on this website. Product reference manuals can be accessed in the AppCOE program by those with eval or product license keys. To send a request for a product reference manual, please click this link:

Q: Where can I download an evaluation?

A: A free evaluation of our products is available for download here: A 30 day advanced evaluation is also available by request. Please contact MapuSoft for an advanced evaluation license by following this link:

Q: I want to evaluate your products on my hardware. Is this possible?

A: Our evaluations are only available on Windows, Linux and soon Solaris.
Q: What does a support contract include?

A: A support contract includes access to support by phone or e-mail, bug-fixes and upgrades for the products you have purchased, all at no extra costs. Only customers with current support contracts will have access to support.

Q: What services do you provide?

A: In addition to off-the-shelf products, MapuSoft also offers porting, integration, support and training services to help developers easily migrate from legacy platforms to the next generation. A list of our services includes adding proprietary OS support, customization and full service porting. More information can be found here:

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