Frequently Asked Questions about OS Simulator

Q : How is MapuSoft’s OS Simulator different from that of that of an OS Vendor Solution?
A: MapuSoft’s OS Simulator is designed to give the best simulation environment. OS Simulator consists of AppCOE – A powerful eclipse based IDE as its base with OS Abstractor & other interfaces. While other advantages are as follows:

  • Most OS Vendor solution are not provided in full source format like MapuSoft’s solution and offers no customization
  • OS Vendor’s solutions will work for testing simple applications only as a single process. If one block (module) breaks, then all stops
  • OS Vendor’s solution will prevent you from directly utilizing native middleware/stack/tools/drivers
  • OS Simulator allows application to use OS Abstractor APIs or allow access to native OS APIs
  • Takes full advantage of the OS kernel to provide enhanced performance
  • OS Simulator puts the focus on testing the application and not the OS components
  • OS Vendor’s solution will lock your test platform to one OS/vendor and prevents you from testing any other types of applications (POSIX, VxWorks, Windows, uITRON, etc.)
  • OS Vendors provide little support for their kernels as they compete with the real product sales. Further, they only support certain host configuration
  • With Mapusoft solution, you can generate performance metrics for both application and platform to analyze performance

Q: What simulators are available from Mapusoft?
A: The following simulators are available:

  • VxWorks Simulator
  • pSOS Simulator
  • Nucleus Simulator
  • micro-ITRON Simulator
  • Linux/UNIX Simulator
  • Windows Simulator
  • ThreadX Simulator
  • OS Simulator (using OS Abstractor Interface)
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