MapuSoft Extends Support to Android, Enabling Legacy Code Reuse

Mobile, AL, January 26, 2010

MapuSoft Technologies today announced that its products, the OS Changer Porting Kit and the OS Abstractor Development Kit, now support Android™. In addition to helping developers move to Android, MapuSoft’s solutions provide further value by enabling legacy C/C++ code developed for other OS platforms or proprietary OS’s to run on Android.

“Device manufacturers and software developers seeking to deploy Android platform based solutions can now easily re-use their existing C/C++ software,” said Mr. Raj Johnson, President and CEO of Mapusoft Technologies. He added, “here is a faster and more economical way to get into this new mobile market.”

The OS Abstractor Development Kit provides interfaces for new code development including MapuSoft’s Cross-OS Interface, as well as POSIX, VxWorks, uITRON, Nucleus and pSOS Interfaces. The code written with the OS Abstractor Development Kit runs on many operating systems so that the applications are protected from changes in the underlying OS.

The OS Changer Porting Kit provides interfaces to port code from one operating system to another. Interfaces are available for porting from VxWorks, POSIX, uITRON, Nucleus and pSOS.

Target operating systems supported include VxWorks® 5x & 6x, Linux® 2.4 & 2.6/RT Linux, LynxOS®, Solaris®, Unix®, eCOS®, Windows XP®/Vista®/CE®/Mobile®, Nucleus®, ThreadX®, MQX®, QNX®, T-Kernel®, uITRON®, Android, NetBSD® and uCOS®.
MapuSoft also provides tools for the Ada programming language. Ada-C/C++ Changer automatically converts Ada code to C/C++. The resultant C/C++ software can be integrated with OS Abstractor to provide portability across a wide variety of OS platforms. The Ada-PAL compiler provides a way to compile Ada code using MapuSoft’s OS PAL (OS Porting and Abstraction Lab) IDE.

About MapuSoft Technologies, Inc.

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