MapuSoft Featured in Article in June Issue of COTS Journal

MapuSoft was featured in the article “FCS Update” under the section “SoSCOE Software Moving Forward” written by Editor-in-Chief Jeff Child in the June 2007 issue of COTS Journal published by the RTC Group.

An excerpt of the article:

“… Last summer Boeing selected MapuSoft’s OS Abstractor … solution for integration in the current build of their System of Systems Common Operating Environment (SoSCOE) architecture. MapuSoft’s OS Abstractor will enable SoSCOE to interoperate acros multiple operating systems and allow SoSCOE users to use an industry standard POSIX API for software development. MapuSoft’s OS Abstractor is useful because it provides many OS back-ends, which is key for architectures like SoSCOE that run in a variety of environments.

OS Abstractor APIs give users the ability to effectively develop code independent of the underlying OS to protect software investment and to easily expand support to multiple operating systems. OS Abstractor allows developers to use a standard API interface across multiple OS platforms and greatly reduces the costs associated with code maintenance and learning multiple operating systems.”

To download a PDF of the article click here

To download a PDF of the entire June Issue of COTS Journal click here

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