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Embedasia 2007

MapuSoft India’s Director of Engineering, Kumaravel Pandurangan, will present a talk titled “Challenges in Application Porting and Abstraction in Avionics” on November 16th at 10:00am.
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Nov. 7 & 28
See an application ported to multiple RTOS with OS PAL
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9:30am US Central Time
VxWorks Porting

1:00pm US Central Time
pSOS Porting

Nov. 14
Generate portable code for multiple RTOS with OS PAL
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9:30am US Central Time
OS Abstractor

1:00pm US Central Time
OS Abstractor



Making code written for one operating system run on another operating system is a daunting task with many error prone pitfalls since each OS is different in many ways. A quick example would be the levels of task priorities offered by each OS. Under standard Linux, the priorities range from 0 to 99; for QNX, the range is 1 to 255; for LynxOS, the range is 0 to 512; for Solaris, the range is 0 to 169 priorities. Getting the code to run on a new OS platform with inconsistencies like these requires rewriting and re-organizing your code. A tool like OS Changer can internally handle this priority variation, and other OS inconsistencies, to help your legacy code easily adapt to a new OS platform.

When developing with OS Abstractor you can keep priority levels at 0 to 255 irrespective of the underlying OS platform. OS Abstractor also provides the ability to use advanced features like thread pooling. Applications can create a pool of threads with various stack sizes during startup, and OS Abstractor can automatically dispatch a matching thread when the application creates them. This greatly improves the performance and provides a more robust environment for your application. More technical information about OS Changer and OS Abstractor can be found here:


Eric Loes
Software Architect


At MapuSoft Technologies we understand that your existing software is an asset and needs to be protected. Getting your existing software to run on a new OS or enabling it to support multiple operating systems can be very costly, time consuming and requires a lot of code maintenance. Also, re-writing your code is tedious and error prone work that takes away your focus from developing and advancing your core product. A tool like OS Changer can quickly and easily port your existing applications to many other new OS platforms and get your product to your customers sooner. In addition, MapuSoft has developed OS Abstractor and OS PAL products to give you a greater level of development freedom and eliminate your software’s dependency on any specific OS platform. More information about our products can be found here:


Raj Johnson
President & CEO


Happenings in the Embedded World:

Boeing Expands its Implementation of MapuSoft’s OS Abstractor for the US Army’s Future Combat Systems (FCS) Program

FCS Program Makes Advances on Several Fronts

Ruling for Green Hills Clears Way for Copying of APIs

MapuSoft Adds Ada to C Software Migration Tool to Product Offerings

Embedded Perspective – Software Gets to the Cores

Space Systems Exploit the Commonality Benefits of Modular Computing

MapuSoft Appoints Kumaravel Pandurangan as Director of Engineering in India


MapuSoft Technologies recently partnered with QNX Software Systems to enable developers to migrate their applications to QNX. MapuSoft’s products OS Changer, OS Abstractor, and OS PAL make it possible to quickly and easily port large amounts of legacy or in-house code from an older operating system to QNX. Our solutions provide high levels of flexibility, control, code re-usability, and optimization, all while lowering development costs. QNX Software Systems offers middleware, development tools, real time operating system software, and services for superior embedded design. QNX is committed to providing their customers with the tools to deliver reliable, innovative, and competitive products.

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