MapuSoft Signs Logic Technology as a Master Distributor in European Market

June 3rd, 2004, MOBILE, Alabama USA – MAPUSOFT, L.L.C., a leading provider of porting products and abstraction solutions to the embedded industry, today announced that it has increased its market presence and profile in Europe by signing a master distribution pact with Netherlands-based Logic Technology, one of the leading distributors of embedded systems tools for design and development engineers.

The agreement makes Logic Technology an authorized master distributor of Mapusofts OS Changer® and OS Abstractor® solutions throughout the European market and significantly expands Mapusoft’s reach in a region that is rapidly moving toward embedded solutions in such industries as industrial automation, consumer appliances, telecommunications and security. Under the distribution pact, Logic Technology will set up a regional sub-distribution and partnership network consisting of a well balanced mix of system integrators, VARs, distributors, device manufacturers, OEMs and ODMs to establish Mapusoft as a premier embedded solution provider.

“I am very pleased to have Logic Technology as our master European distributor,” said Raj Johnson, Mapusofts President and CEO. “With their proven track record and reputation in the market place, they will enable us to strategically expand our business in Europe and lead Logic Technology, Mapusoft and, most importantly, their customers to a win-win-win relationship. Logic Technologys expertise in embedded software suites, along with their well designed service programs will ensure full customer satisfaction.”

“We are excited to be working with Mapusoft and are gearing up our operation to take advantage of a major growth opportunity,” said Leon Houwen, Managing Director of Logic Technology. “In particular, we believe that there is significant demand in the European market for such powerful tools that help engineers write code for multiple RTOS environments,” he continued.

OS Changer Solutions allows developers to easily port existing code base to another RTOS and continue code development using the familiar API. By providing wrapper-less RTOS abstraction APIs, unix-style device I/O APIs, and a set of core ANSI APIs, OS Changer provides an off-the-shelf RTOS integration solution that enables customers to re-use existing code base and port open source and/or other solutions to theirs easily. OS Changer greatly reduces development/testing efforts and related risks, and ensuring a smooth and successful RTOS transition, all of which are accomplished using a familiar API to get the job done much faster.

OS Abstractor Solutions allow developers to write code that can be easily adapted to multiple RTOSs. OS Abstractor is available for Linux, iTRON, Nucleus PLUS®, ThreadX®, Precise/MQX® and other RTOSs OS Abrstractor consists of a set of RTOS-equivalent funtions and unix-style device I/O functions that are highly optimized for specific RTOSs. Many of the kernel-equivalent RTOS functions are directly mapped to the underlying API and data structures, allowing the translations to occur during compile time, so that run-time performance can be kept intact. The interface to the underlying target RTOS is isolated in a single module to allow easy extension of support to a proprietary or preferred commercial RTOS.

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MapuSoft Technologies provides royalty-free tools and support that allow customers to quickly move their products from one Real Time Operating System (RTOS) to another, and we believe that our advanced software and vision will revolutionize the embedded software industry. Our vision at MapuSoft Technologies is to give our customers added flexibility and control in their respective product development life cycles

Our mission is to provide complete development suites, as well as the best possible pre- and post-sales support. We offer a complete range of high-performance development tools as well as embedded software products: from Code Generation to Simulation, real-time In-Circuit-Emulation, Device Programming and real-time operating systems for most popular processors, using powerful SourceLevel debuggers. Logic Technology’s Embedded Software group offers complete Embedded TCP/IP internet solutions, RTOS, processor and peripheral IP, Main Memory Databases, BIOS-, ROM-DOS, FlashFX (FlashDisk), FP Libraries, File Systems, as well as Compiler/Assembler/Linker & IDE toolchains. Our Interconnect Solutions specialists provide assistance with any debug accessories, bug catchers, programming/emulator adaptors and package converters. Our specialists in Device Programming offer state of the art programming systems (in-line, engineering, as well as JTAG) and JTAG test systems, whereas our analyzer specialists offer fast, reliable and full featured analyzers for Bluetooth, USB, (c)PCI, PCI-X, PMC and Firewire.

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