MapuSoft Technologies Adds Jungo’s WinDriver Development Tool to Product Offerings


  • Powerful addition from Jungo to MapuSoft’s existing product line enhances hardware access capabilities
  • Jungo’s WinDriver enables cross-platform USB, PCI and PCI Express driver development
  • WinDriver toolkit is now available to MapuSoft customers as an add-on to existing product offering

Mobile, AL, June, 23, 2008 – Today MapuSoft Technologies (MT) announced it will add WinDriver™ the cross-OS driver development tool to its current list of product offerings. The WinDriver product line, developed by Jungo Ltd., allows for development of USB, PCI, and PCI Express drivers and supports any device, regardless of its silicon vendor. With this unique tool and its standardized APIs, developers can easily develop driver code for multiple supported operating systems. This includes Windows® 2000/XP/XP Embedded/Server 2003/Vista, Windows CE.NET, Windows Mobile 5/6, Linux®, Solaris® and VxWorks®. Available to MapuSoft customers as an add-on, WinDriver enhances MT’s current application code reuse products OS Changer, OS Abstractor and OS PAL.

“We are pleased to offer MapuSoft’s customers the ability to use the WinDriver toolkit to develop high-quality, high-performance drivers. The added value of the WinDriver product line will be an asset to MapuSoft’s product offerings and its customers,” says Ophir Herbst, VP and General Manager for Jungo Connectivity Software.

“We are delighted to team up with Jungo Ltd. The WinDriver product line greatly expands our porting and abstraction capability and will provide system stability and savings to our customer base,” says Dan Arzonico, MapuSoft’s Director of Sales.

MapuSoft offers the software reuse products OS Abstractor®, OS Changer® and OS PAL™ to help developers streamline development processes and reuse their embedded software on one or more operating systems. Target operating systems supported include VxWorks® 5x & 6x, Linux® 2.4 & 2.6, LynxOS®, Solaris®, Unix®, eCOS®, Windows XP®, Windows CE®, Nucleus®, ThreadX®, MQX®, QNX®, T-Kernel® and uITRON®.

OS Abstractor APIs give users the ability to develop code independently of the underlying OS to protect software investment and to expand support to multiple operating systems easily. OS Abstractor provides a standard OS interface architecture, including common commercial BASE OS APIs and POSIX APIs. The BASE component offers a standard OS interface architecture that is flexible and intuitive for application development. The POSIX component offers industry standard API compliance for new code development and/or re-use of existing POSIX code base across multiple OS platforms. OS Changer protects user’s existing software investment and knowledge base by giving the ability to reuse pSOS®, VxWorks and Nucleus legacy code on different operating systems. OS PAL (OS Porting & Abstraction Lab) leverages on existing OS Abstractor and OS Changer technologies and provides an Eclipse® based IDE to easily port, abstract and optimize code on a host machine and run the application on different target OS platforms. A free evaluation of OS Changer, OS PAL and OS Abstractor can be downloaded at

About MapuSoft Technologies, Inc.

MapuSoft Technologies is the leading provider of embedded software solutions and services designed to protect software investment by increasing the customers’ level of software re-use in product development. MT strives to provide software that is practical, familiar, and economical. MT products are royalty-free and available with source code. For more information on MapuSoft Technologies or any of our products, please contact us at 251.665.0280, or visit MapuSoft’s website at

About Jungo

Jungo Ltd., an NDS Group company, is a provider of broadband home value-added service solutions. Jungo’s flagship products, OpenRGTM (residential gateway software platform) and OpenSMBTM (small and medium business gateway software platform) enable broadband Operators to deliver managed revenue-generating services to the digital home.

Jungo also offers extensive connectivity software solutions for USB and PCI, including WinDriverTM, a driver development toolkit that enables developers to quickly create custom device drivers that can run on a multitude of operating systems without modification, and USBwareTM, a complete, high-quality embedded USB software protocol stack, allowing device manufacturers to easily incorporate standard USB OTG/Host/Device connectivity in their designs.

To find out more about Jungo Ltd. and our products, please visit

About NDS

NDS Group plc (NASDAQ: NNDS), a majority owned subsidiary of News Corporation, supplies open end-to-end digital technology and services to pay-television platform operators and content providers. See for more information about NDS.

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