MapuSoft Technologies Announces the Newest Release of OSChanger 2.5

MapuSoft Technologies Announces the Newest Release of OSChanger 2.5, a Streamlined Software Tool for porting software from one RTOS to another

September 23, 2002, MOBILE, AL, – MapuSoft Technologies (MT) today announced the release of OSChanger® 2.5, a cross RTOS development/target solution that allows embedded software to easily adapt to multiple RTOSs. It comprises of fully scalable compatibility and abstraction solutions that allow developers’ code to work across multiple RTOSs.

“The OSChanger abstraction solution is NOT a layer between your software and the RTOS,” said Raj Johnson, president and CEO of MapuSoft Technologies. “The RTOS equivalent APIs provided by the OSChanger abstraction solutions are implemented wrapper-less to greatly preserve the performance of the underlying RTOS.”

Release 2.5 provides a customizable abstraction solution that can be ported to support various commercial and proprietary RTOSs. Off-the-shelf, wrapper-less RTOS integration is available for Nucleus PLUS and ThreadX and the associated RTOS prototyping environments. The compatibility solutions include a set of UNIX device independent I/O APIs, a core set of ANSI APIs, most of the pSOS application/driver APIs and extensive VxWorks application/driver APIs compatibility. Customized POSIX support for selected RTOSs is also available.

“In the current economy, developers are concerned with the costs and risks associated with new code development. OSChanger compatibility solutions will greatly help developers reuse a wide variety of code base and significantly save both time and money,”said Johnson.

OSChanger tools hide the RTOS differences and allow developers to focus on their product development. OSChanger simplifies porting and also saves developers from future porting efforts. The OSChanger family of products gives users the freedom to switch RTOSs and greatly reuse existing code base to enable their product to get to the market faster with low development costs. These products come in the form of individual compatibility and/or abstraction API libraries that are fully scalable and readily usable within an application. OSChanger does not require modification to the underlying RTOS products.

A free and fully functional evaluation of OSChanger 2.5 for selected RTOSs is available at

OSChanger 2.5 is available now and it is provided royalty-free and in full source-code format. Pricing for individual components starts at $3995. The OSChanger abstraction solution for each RTOS port starts at $9995. Contact MapuSoft Technologies for information about products and technical support via email at or by phone at 251.665.0280.

MapuSoft Technologies LLC (MT) provides royalty-free tools and technical support that allow customers to quickly and easily port their software from one Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) to another. With expertise in the embedded RTOS market, MT is working hard to supply software that is practical, familiar, financially reasonable and easily operable. Our attention to engineering detail provides developers with robust software and requires minimal technical maintenance. For more information on MapuSoft Technologies or any of our products, please contact us by phone or email at 251.665.0280 or

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