MapuSoft Technologies Announces the Newest Release of OSChanger for Nucleus, version 2.1

A Streamlined Software Tool for Migrating Applications from many RTOSes to Nucleus PLUS

APRIL 01, 2002, MOBILE, AL – In response to a more streamlined migration software product for Nucleus PLUS®, MapuSoft Technologies (MT) today announced the newest release of OSChanger® for Nucleus, version 2.1. This release was tested on ARM®, PowerPC®, 68k, x86, MIPS®, Hitachi SH® and Excalibur NIOS® family of processors with support for a wide variety of tool sets. In addition, OSChanger 2.1 for Nucleus has been designed to run out-of-the-box with Accelerated Technology’s new code|lab® Embedded Developer Suite and Nucleus MNT® prototyping environments.

OSChanger integrates into the Nucleus product line seamlessly while remaining flexible, robust and maintaining a small memory footprint. Developers implemented OSChanger will experience minimal porting effort with NO code conversion. This leads to easy code maintenance and reduced testing efforts saving valuable time to market.

“Why pay huge royalty fees and be tied to a single RTOS vendor?” asks Raj Johnson, president and CEO of MapuSoft Technologies. “OSChanger for Nucleus is a low cost, royalty free RTOS migration solution that is very straightforward to use. We are very excited to work with Accelerated Technology and their world class Nucleus and code|lab product suites.”

OSChanger products were developed with the idea in mind that developers shouldn’t feel locked into a particular RTOS due to familiarity or popularity. OSChanger gives users the freedom to move between RTOSes while leveraging on the application programming interface knowledge that they are most familiar with. OSChanger 2.1 provides an updated base version of VxWorks® to Nucleus OSChanger, a file version of VxWorks to Nucleus OSChanger, a base version of pSOS® to Nucleus OSChanger and a BSD socket interface support to Nucleus NET®. A free and fully functional evaluation of OSChanger 2.1 can be downloaded at

OSChanger 2.1 is available now and it is provided royalty-free and in full source-code format. Pricing for pSOS conversion products starts at $2995. Pricing for VxWorks conversion products start at $4995. Contact MapuSoft Technologies for information about products and technical support via email at or by phone at 251.665.0280.

MapuSoft Technologies LLC (MT) provides royalty-free tools and technical support that allow customers to quickly and easily move their products from one Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) to another. With expertise in the embedded RTOS market, MT is working hard to supply software that is practical, familiar, financially reasonable and easily operable. Our attention to engineering detail provides developers with robust software and requires minimal technical maintenance. For more information on MapuSoft Technologies or any of our products, please contact us by phone or email at 251.665.0280 or

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