MapuSoft Technologies Announces the partnership with eSOL and support for µiTRON

MapuSoft partners with eSOL to distribute OS Changer in Japan and to develop OS Changer® for µITRON – Embedded Developers will have the flexibility to Reuse Existing Legacy Code on µITRON based Real Time Operating Systems

June 3rd, 2003, MOBILE, AL – MapuSoft Technologies, L.L.C. today announced a partnership with eSOL, a leading provider of embedded software and services in Japan, to distribute OS Changer products and enable OS Changer to support a wide variety of µITRON based Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), thus providing flexibility to Embedded developers to switch their software from high-cost and/or royalty-bearing proprietary RTOSs to a low-cost and industry standard µITRON RTOS. The initial release, which will be available in the first week of June 2003, supports porting legacy VxWorks® and pSOS® applications to various µITRON RTOSs running under eSOL’s eBinder® tools environment.

“OS Changer makes it a reality for you to switch from proprietary to a standards-based RTOS, without having to start all over” said Raj Johnson, president and CEO of MapuSoft Technologies. “We are very excited to work with eSOL and their world class team to meet all of the needs of embedded developers in Japan.”

OS Changer tools hide RTOS differences and allow developers to focus on product development. OS Changer simplifies porting and also saves developers from future porting efforts. The OS Changer family of products gives users the freedom to switch RTOSs and greatly reuse existing code base enabling their product to get to the market faster with lower development costs. These products come in the form of individual compatibility and/or abstraction API libraries that are fully scalable and readily usable within an application. OS Changer does not require modification to the underlying RTOS products; however, it directly accesses the internal RTOS kernel objects to provide the best performance along with low memory footprint.

“As industry leaders, we are continuing to provide cutting edge and comprehensive µITRON related products, centering on eBinder – a development suite for µITRON-based embedded applications.” said Bob N. Ueyama, Executive Director of eSOL’s embedded products division. “µITRON is the de facto standard operating system with no royalties and high reliability in Japan. Together with the powerful OS Changer, we believe that Japanese engineers now more than ever can implement eSOL’s solution to achieve significant cost savings in a highly competitive market while continuing to utilize highly reliable µITRON-based applications.”

MapuSoft Technologies provides royalty-free tools and technical support that allows customers to quickly and easily port their software from one Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) to another. With expertise in the embedded RTOS market, MapuSoft Technologies is committed to supplying software that is practical, familiar, financially reasonable and easily operable. Our attention to engineering detail provides developers with robust software and requires minimal technical maintenance. For more information on MapuSoft Technologies or any of our products, please contact us by phone or email at 251.665.0280 or or visit MapuSoft’s website at

Founded in 1975, eSOL is the leading provider of total engineering solution, advanced development tools and software components. eSOL’s development technologies build off its eBinder and eParts line of software products that enable engineers and designers to develop high-performed devices easily. eParts includes software “parts” from µITRON-specification RTOS, TCP/IP protocol stack to file system for embedded system. Please visit eSOL’s website at for more information.

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