MapuSoft Technologies Appoints Dan Arzonico as Director of Sales

June 14th, 2007, Mobile, AL – Today MapuSoft Technologies (MT) announced the appointment of Dan Arzonico to director of sales. Mr. Arzonico received his bachelor’s in psychology from the University of South Alabama and his masters in business management from Troy University. He has over 13 years of experience in the embedded software sector, initially at Accelerated Technology which has now become the embedded division of Mentor Graphics. He is also an adjunct faculty member in the Mitchell College of Business at the University of South Alabama. In addition to his civilian jobs, Mr. Arzonico has also been serving in the US Army for the past 21 years in both active and reserve status. His current rank is a Major and he is attached to SROTC at the University of South Alabama from the 9th BDE 108th DIV 84th TC, Charlotte, NC. He is a functional area 90 qualified Army Logistician and a Command and General Staff College graduate.

“I am very excited to be a part of an organization with such revolutionary products and that is strategically aligned with the military/aerospace sector. I especially look forward to working with the companies in the embedded sector that support this key market globally.” said Dan Arzonico, Director of Sales at MapuSoft Technologies.

“Dan is very dedicated in supporting our customers. Our software re-use solutions are widely used in the military/aerospace market and as such Dan’s expertise in this area will be a tremendous asset to MapuSoft.” said Raj Johnson, President and CEO of MapuSoft Technologies.

MapuSoft offers OS PAL, OS Abstractor and OS Changer products to help developers streamline development processes and re-use their embedded software on one or more operating systems. OS Abstractor APIs give users the ability to effectively develop code independent of the underlying OS to protect software investment and to easily expand support to multiple operating systems. It consists of BASIC and POSIX components. The BASIC component offers a standard OS interface architecture that is flexible and intuitive for application development. The POSIX component offers industry standard APIs compliance for new code development and/or re-use of existing POSIX code base across multiple OS platforms. OS Changer protects user’s existing software investment and knowledge base by giving the ability to reuse legacy code on different operating systems. OS PAL (OS Porting & Abstraction Lab) leverages on existing OS Abstractor and OS Changer technologies and provides an Eclipse based IDE to easily port, abstract and optimize code on a host machine and run the application on different target OS platforms. A free evaluation of OS Changer, OS PAL and OS Abstractor can be downloaded at

MapuSoft Technologies is the leading provider of embedded software solutions and services designed to protect software investment by increasing the customers’ level of software re-use in product development. We are working hard to provide software that is practical, familiar, and economical. Our products are royalty-free and available with source code. For more information on MapuSoft Technologies or any of our products, please contact us at 251.665.0280, or visit MapuSoft’s website at

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