MapuSoft’s Dan Arzonico Will Present at ASNE Symposium 2008

When: April 14-17, Biloxi, MS

Where: Mississippi Coast Coliseum Convention Center

Details: Tuesday, April 15, 3:45 pm – MapuSoft’s Dan Arzonico will give a technical presentation titled “Challenges in Application Porting and Abstraction in Ship Systems”.

ASNE 2008 will discuss fleet aspects like future ship programs and advanced ship design concepts, as well as future concepts of operations and vehicles. Joint forces operations will be addressed along with the challenges of the required technologies.

More info about ASNE 2008

Dan Arzonico has more than 15 years of experience in the embedded industry. He currently manages MapuSoft’s sales team both domestically and internationally and he oversees the distribution channels for company products. Arzonico received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of South Alabama and an MSM from Troy University. Additionally, Dan Arzonico has more than 21 years of service with the US Army as a logistician and he currently serves as an Army reservist supporting the SROTC at the University of South Alabama.

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