MapuSoft’s VxWorks To Nucleus OSChanger mentioned in Embedded Control Europe

MapuSoft Technologies is pleased to introduce the long-awaited availability of VxWorks® to Nucleus® OSChanger®, the first release in the new OSChanger family of products. VxWorks to Nucleus OSChanger is an independent software toolset that makes it easy to transition applications developed using Wind Rivers VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS) to Accelerated Technologys Nucleus RTOS product lines.

OSChanger products were developed with the idea in mind that developers shouldn’t feel locked into a particular RTOS. OSChanger gives users the freedom to move between RTOSes while leveraging on the application programming interface knowledge that they are most familiar with. VxWorks to Nucleus migration support is the first release in the product series.

Those developers wanting a source code, no royalty solution can now implement OSChanger and be up and running on Nucleus immediately. The product comes in the form of a translation kit containing VxWorks APIs that were implemented to work on Nucleus PLUS®, Nucleus NET® and Nucleus FILE® products. VxWorks to Nucleus OSChanger allows for quick and easy application migration so developers can get their products to market faster.

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