OS PAL Development Licenses – $149/Seat For A Limited Time!

OS PAL Development Licenses – $149 Per Seat For A Limited Time!

Check out OS PAL for $149 a seat for a limited time! With OS Porting and Abstraction Lab (OS PAL) you can easily port, abstract and simulate your code on a host machine and generate code to run the application on different target platforms. OS PAL provides users an easy-to-use GUI that is integrated with the Eclipse® based CDT environment. In addtion, the Profiler feature enables API data collection to provide performance feedback concerning the utilization of MapuSoft’s APIs in the project. Order a seat today!

  • OS PAL allows for embedded software development on Windows and Linux hosts machines
  • BASE OS Abstractor APIs provide common commercial APIs for development of highly portable applications
  • POSIX OS Abstractor APIs provide a non-proprietary and industry standard interface for true POSIX portability
  • Notes: Code generation for target operating systems requires a separate license not included, provided at a 20% discount. Special pricing ends September 30th

    OS PAL – Eclipse based code migration and API optimization

    Join MapuSoft Technologies’ CEO & Founder Raj Johnson as he hosts a technical demonstration of OS PAL and learn how OS PAL can make your host development, optimization, simulation and porting easier!


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