Taseon Testimonial: OS Abstractor

“We are happy with the OS Abstractor software and I would strongly recommend Mapusoft to anyone looking to make their platform OS agnostic.”

“When we were laying the foundations for the software architecture of our flagship product, one of the key elements that I wanted to achieve was to be able to make the software produced by Taseon OS agnostic. This essentially meant that we would need to have an low overhead OS Abstraction layer. We were happy to find that Mapusoft provided exactly what we needed with its OS Abstractor product line. Over the years we have seen this product mature and become more solid.

This investment in Mapusoft software bore fruits when we decided to move from an existing Real Time operating system to Carrier Grade Linux. We were able to base our decision to move to CGL with little or no thought to the changes that might need to go into the application software we had produced over the span of 4 years. The reason we could do that is because we had Mapusoft’s OS Abstraction layer in place.

We also use quite a number of open source and third party software products in source form. Typically these third party software bundles provide a OS porting layer. We just had to perform this function once for the third party software bundles we use by letting it interface with OS Abstractor and as expected we didnt have to touch this software again when we migrated to CGL.”

Mr. Santosh Kumar
Chief Software Architect
Taseon Inc, San Jose, California, USA

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