How to Own 100% of your Products’ Code

How to Own 100% of your Products’ Code?
Cross Platform Development

What’s the difference between writing the code and owning it? That will be the question on every reader’s mind once they read this article. Let’s find out how software developers can easily get blind-sided by their own performance initiated thought process while developing a product.

Changing Market:
Day by day the complexities of embedded applications are increasing and the demand in reliability is also on the rise. Product vendors were driven to provide better products which need to be smaller, smarter and faster than their predecessors, so the application developers are driven to utilize all possible technology available in the market to meet the specific and unique requirements. In the past, developers have to only contend with certain OS and hardware during their development phase. But now they are introduced with new challenges at every stages of the product lifecycle like Design, Development, Integration, Testing, and Verification & Validation. At each stage of the development process, developers need to use different tools to assist them. That’s why embedded software application development is getting more challenging than ever before.

Before moving straight to the solutions for “How to own 100% of your products’ code” we have to identify and analyze several factors which are blocking the path. Let’s look into a few of the challenges each developer has to face during their application and product evolvement phase.

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