MapuSoft Academic Program (MAP)

MapuSoft’s Academic Program (MAP) strives to provide faculty and students with design tools and services necessary to keep up with today’s rapidly changing technology at a very low cost alternatives. MapuSoft’s M.A.P. products consist of: OS Simulator™, and Application and Platform Profilers. Further, academic institutions enjoy a deep discount of 50% or more under this MAP program. MAP’s service components will aid the academic institutions in setting up state-of-the-art embedded labs while supporting specific hardware along with offering intense hands-on training on OS and embedded development. Click here to Download a two page summary of the program. 


Every day the complexity and reliability requirements of embedded applications increases, and as a result, embedded software application development is getting more challenging as new technologies and OS platforms are developed. Students require a higher level of access to the technology and tools that researchers and embedded software engineers use on a daily basis. Colleges and Universities are generally faced with the reality of a limited budget for equipment and software. Teachers and administrators must make hard choices about how to get the most out of what they have. Education suffers if students only have limited access to the software tools and development environments used within industry. MapuSoft’s Academic Program strives to solve these issues.With an OS Simulator based solution, students can develop, compile, run, debug, and test, real-time applications on a host PC and supported target hardware without the need to license expensive proprietary operating system software.

  1. OS Simulator – supports the following popular operating systems:
    • VxWorks (Intel/WindRiver)
    • ThreadX (Express Logic)
    • Nucleus (Mentor Graphics)
    • Linux
    • POSIX (IEEE standard)
    • pSOS (Intel/WindRiver)
    • micro-ITRON (Japanese Standard)
    • µC/OS (Micrium)
    • Windows (Microsoft)
    • FreeRTOS(from Real Time Engineers Ltd)
    • OS Abstractor (MapuSoft)
  2. Application and Platform Profilers – Allows you to identify performance bottlenecks in the application and compare performance metrics on various target environments. Profilers allow students to improve the code they are creating.

According to Industry experts one of the top five factors restricting the hiring of recently graduated college students (by industry) is their lack of experience with real-world embedded tools. Because of this lack of hands-on experience, they will need substantial training to begin their embedded development careers. MapuSoft’s tools give a real-world view of embedded systems development. With MapuSoft’s tools, students can develop a single code base and run it on different targets (e.g.: Intel x86, ATOM, PowerPC, MIPS, etc.). This way, students can get hands-on experience developing and running software for multiple operating systems. They do not depend on the target platform for their development. This gives them an important edge when compared to other students. MapuSoft is the only company that can support all of the above embedded operating systems.

MapuSoft’s M.A.P. program can…

  • Greatly expand student learning of real-time operating systems while improving their job prospects
  • Limit your software and hardware investments while maximizing the opportunity for student learning
  • Develop, run, debug, and test code on readily available, low cost, Windows or Linux host PC’s and supported target hardware
  • Learn MapuSoft’s frame-work for easy to port solutions for industry leading operating systems
  • Obtain free on-site training (20-40 hours)
  • Attract government funding to your institution
  • Get a better accreditation for your institution

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MAP Customers

Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur(2011)
VIT University, Chennai Campus(2013)
SRM University, Kattankulathur Campus(2015)
VIT University, Chennai Campus(2015)
NIT Calicut (2015)
VIT University, Vellore Campus(2014)
Sai Ram Engineering College (2014)
VIT University, Vellore Campus (2016)

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