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Turnkey Solution

Often times, customers struggle to complete complex projects before deadlines, thus bearing significant cost in terms of money and time. In such situations, MapuSoft offers an effective combination of product and service to do the tedious work in a short span of time. We usually send our seasoned engineers to customer locations to solve the high-value issues and deliver the expected results.

Product & Training

When project delivery time is not the concern,  We usually provide the necessary tools and training to customer engineers who then execute the project on their own. We also provide technical support and online monitoring to make sure the customer team is moving in the right direction.  Your team in turn gains crucial skills to tackle similar future situations and solve critical issues.

Products Without Training

If you have already used our products or feel comfortable with your understand of the tools after watching a product demonstration, you are free to use the software tools without training. This way, MapuSoft has a limited engagement and little knowledge of your project. All of MapuSoft’s products are designed to be straightforward and intuitive.  We will be providing technical support for a full year.

MapuSoft’s Popular Solutions

Automatically Converts ADA Code

Ada to C/C++ Changer

Ada to Java Changer

Automatically Migrate Software to a New OS

Migrate from VxWorks to Linux

Migrate from Solaris to Linux

Migrate from Solaris to New OS

Migrate from pSOS to New OS

Migrate from Windows to a New OS

Migrate from Nucleus to a New OS

Migrate from QNX to New OS

Migrate from micro-iTRon to New OS

Migrate from uCOS to New OS

Migrate from ThreadX to New OS

Migrate from RTLinux to New OS

Migrate from VRTX to New OS

Migrate from FreeRTOS to a New OS

Migrate from custom RTOS to a New OS

Automated Conversion from One Software Language to Another

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Simulate C/C++ Applications on the Virtualised  Platforms of These OS's 

Develop Code Once and Deploy on Multiple Platforms with Ease

Increase Performance of Linux Applications


Achieve Freedom From Disturbances Created by OS Upgrades


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